SOTM Life Skills Marriage Preparation Training

SOTM Life Skills Marriage Preparation Training

Our mission is to provide low cost marriage preparation training for engaged couples planning a wedding. SOTM serves as a resource for life skills education, prevention, and intervention as well as crises support.

Topics and Focus:

  • Communication 
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Role Relationships
  • Managing Finances
  • Spiritual Beliefs
  • Sexual Relationship
  • Children and Parenting
  • Couple Flexibility and Couple Closeness

Couples who complete this training will save $60 on their marriage license. The training is at least 8 hours long and focuses on helping couples develop communication and conflict resolution skills and other tools for a strong relationship.

After completing the class, you will get a certificate that you can take to your county clerk to save $60 on a marriage license. And you won’t have to wait 72 hours to be married. The waiting period is waived for couples who complete the course.

SOTM offers an exciting and interactive premarital training designed to:

  • Enhance your strengths, build skills, increase your intimacy and plan long-term strategies to address challenges.
  • Help you build a resilient marriage right from the start.
  • Help you understand your past and family history and how your history may affect your marriage.
  • Discover Potential “Red Flags”
  • Understand the expectations you and your partner will bring into marriage.
  • Examine and discuss you and your partner’s spiritual beliefs.
  • Address blended family issues.
  • Become confident and secure in your decision to marry or not to marry.

We believe, the best marriage investment you can make to secure your future is by attending SOTM Life Skills Marriage Preparation Training

COST: per session $80.00 (complimentary 1st free session after wedding) 

Book an appointment:  Request Appointment

Please R.S.V.P early in order to receive homework to be completed with your fiancée prior to attending.

Training Format:

  • In the first session we conduct an assessment to help you understand your areas of compatibility and strength as well as areas you may need to address.
  • We provide 8 hours of religion-neutral training designed to help couples achieve their marriage goals
  • Training information is  based on the latest scientific marriage research.
  • We work with couples and in smaller group setting.

To Register  –  Start your training at least three months prior to your anticipated wedding date. Please register early by contacting the SOTM Life Skills Center at 972-709-1180 or e-mail

 Please use this link below to:

1.      Create a Client Portal – SOTM Life Skills Center | SimplePractice

2.      Set an appointment. SOTM Life Skills Center | SimplePractice   Click the “New Client” and set an appointment. Once your appointment is set, since this is a new HIPAA compliant platform, we will email you the new documentations.

 Using Insurance?  If you are using insurance please complete the billing and insurance portion.

 Using Credit Card? Complete the credit card portion and pay for your session and copayments before your session.

 Using Cash? Please make payment before your sessions.

 Thank you for contacting us. SOTM Life Skills Center | SimplePractice

We look forward to working with you.