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    • SOTM Life Skills Center is a fee based center using cash or credit card or insurance payments.
    • Patients are responsible for covering all charges not covered by insurance, including but not limited to co-pays, deductibles and non-covered changes.

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Safely Pay with Credit Card


What you need to know before choosing to use your insurance for mental health benefits.
Most health insurance companies now include some form of mental health coverage and at times employers even offer a limited number of “free counseling” sessions, also known as an EAP. But before deciding to use your insurance, there are some important issues to consider. You can always decide to use your benefits, but you can’t undo many of the negative consequences of using them.

Confidentiality & Privacy
Once your insurance company receives information about you from your counselor, there is no way to protect your privacy and confidentiality. The diagnosis and other pertinent information are given by your insurance company to a national Medical Information Database that centralizes information for more insurance companies. The Medical Information Database was created to alleviate fraud on insurance applications.

Other Options

What Is An Option Other Than Insurance? To avoid each of the risks our office offers self-pay rates. Our rates range from $50.00-$95.00 after the initial session. Many counselors in the area charge over $100.00 a session. It is our commitment to provide quality and affordable counseling to our surrounding communities, while at the same time protecting your confidentiality and privacy. 

If you choose to use your insurance benefits, it is the client’s responsibility to verify benefits prior to the first appointment. Call the number on your insurance card and ask about “outpatient mental health” benefits. The first page of our New Client Paperwork gives all of the information needed to determine your benefits.

Contact our office 972-709-1180 or email counseling@sotmlifeskills.com to schedule an appointment time. Most appointments are scheduled within the same week.

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